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Document Accessibility Tools

WeCo provides unique document accessibility tools for organizations of all sizes – from pre-configured software for small businesses, to a full-featured platform for governmental and multi-national corporations.

WeCo Office Accessibility

WeCo Office Accessibility is a flexible software that creates, validate and assures compliance with document and web accessibility standards.


WeCo Office Accessibility is a plug-in software to Microsoft Office suite. WeCo Office accessibility creates accessible PDF based on Microsoft Office documents.

Using the software will significantly reduce the time and effort of creating accessible documents while achieving accuracy and comply with the regulations.

  • Ensure compliance with leading accessibility standards

  • Cut compliance costs

  • Reduce time of creation and validation document accessibility

  • Avoid litigation by ensuring documents are accessible to users with disabilities, prior to distribution.

  • Plug and Play – simple and Intuitive usage – does not require deep knowledge of Microsoft office tools or accessibility standards, very easy to implement


WeCo Documents Site Scan

WeCo Documents Site Scan measures the volume of PDF documents and asses accessibility status. It gives a continuous centralized picture of document accessibility level.

Using WeCo documents Site Scan allows the customer:

  • Plan and Prioritize document remediation activities

  • Choose between remediation services vs. dedicated accessibility software based on customer's needs: volume and complexity

  • Measure and estimate the accessibility status of the documents

  • proactive and on-going monitor of the document accessibility status

Plan and prioritize document accessibility activities.

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