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Why WeCo

WeCo delivers dedicated, focused solutions for document accessibility in order to achieve EN 301 549, WCAG 2.1, PDF/UA, Section 508 and Equality Act Standards. 

WeCo develops and sells innovative software (patent pending) that enables all Microsoft Office users to create accessible documents without requiring either accessibility rules or deep knowledge of Microsoft Office. 

Creating accessible digital content is crucial in today’s diverse society, to provide equal opportunities to all, including studying, finding jobs, completing personal and financial admin, communicating via online platforms and finding information online. 

WeCo is committed to providing software solutions that seamlessly create digitized content and documentation for everyone, including those with disabilities, ensuring that all have equal access to online channels.

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A community of thousands of users enjoys the benefits of WeCo's accessibility solutions. Here’s why:


Precision and Credibility

Our target, at WeCo, is to supply products and services that will produce accessible documents highest level. We wish to offer a person that uses assistive technology hearing experience (using screen readers) that will be as close as possible to reading experience. Creating accurate accessible products not only for the regulation enforcement but for the social and Egalitarianism to all population.


Intuitive and user-friendly

The user experience is at the heart of Weco's document accessibility products, offering an advanced wizard that ensures positive user experience together with a high level of accessibility.  Built with Microsoft office user interface the user does not have to learn new GUI but simply work directly to create the content and the accessibility of the document. All features are supported by responsive Help tools and video clips to make the learning curve quick and easy.


Lower TCO

For organizations that users' sub-contractors to create accessible documents, WeCo's products will usually reduce costs dramatically.  

For an organization that takes training in order to self-create accessible documents the time spent on accessible activities with WeCo's products will be much lower. Many of our customers report up to  50-95% saving in time.

As a result, our TCO has dramatically lowered then both alternatives.


Functionality and feature-rich

We, at We-Co, believe that users should be able to effectively handle accessibility activities while minimizing the dependency on third party vendors. WeCo offers a full range of tools in order to create an accessible document, remediate the document and validate it. WeCo offers the necessary tools to achieve an exceptionally high level of accessibility, including headers tagging, table tagging, Alternate text for non-textual items, document layout features and other accessibility features.


Reference customers

WeCo has an extensive customer base that includes many reference customers for many vertical.  From government offices, municipalities, finance companies, and public companies.

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