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This website stated purpose is to provide equal, non-compromising service to everyone, including customers with disabilities. 
We invested great efforts and resources to provide website accessibility and develop tools to improve access to other websites to allow the majority of the population to use these sites with ease and comfort and make them more readily available for people with disabilities. The Company joins overall efforts to make sites accessible to people with special needs. 

Most site pages meet the accessibility criteria. It is important to note, that in spite of our efforts to provide access to all the pages on the site, it may be that there are certain parts or capabilities not yet accessible. Responsibility for use and application of the site is the owners’ responsibility and/or that of their representatives, including content viewed on site and subject to the terms of use of the software. 
Access to the site is optimized for viewing by major browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 7/8/9/10/11

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Safari

How to browse the site?

Create a shortcut menu for selected content areas. You can navigate the site using the forward TAB button. To navigate back, press the SHIFT + TAB key combination.
NVDA screen reader for Windows and Mac OS and Mac OS X users is supported.

Change of color contrast: Background can be made brighter or darker. 
Change of font type and size: It is possible to increase or decrease text size. The font type changes to Ariel for easier reading. 
Navigation to content areas: You may skip content areas of the site
. The site is divided into main content areas. It is possible to skip to the main content at the head of the page. For entry to the content area, press Enter at the bottom of every page, before footer heading, it is possible to skip to the top of the page.

Forms: There is broad support for accessibility contact forms, subject to usage regulations. Assistive technologies adjustments, for example, support in reading errors by screen reading software. 
Support for assistive technologies: Broad assistive technology support is available by using ARIA laws. 
Access the cancel button to return to normal view.


Non-accessible problems and content

Currently, accessibility problems to the site are unknown. Have a problem? Tell us! We try to keep and maintain the site at the highest level. For us to address the problem the best way possible, please attach as many details as you can and contact the Accessibility Coordinator: Describe the problem. What actions were you attempting? Which page were you surfing? Type and version of the browser. Operating System. Assistive technology type (if used).

The Accessibility Coordinator in our Company is the Company CTO, Yohai Cohen.

Please do not hesitate to reach him in case you detect such a problem via email : or via the contact form in this website.




















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