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100% Compliant and Accessible Documents

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Our documents remediation service provides a comprehensive and cost-effective way to be compliant with international standards: WCAG2.1; Section 508;  EN 501 349, BITV2.0.

An accessible PDF includes a tag structure that represents the visual and structural complements of the document.

WeCo remediates PDFS and Microsoft Office documents in the highest quality output files available in the industry.


The remediation process will be as following:

  • You send us the PDF/Office file you want to remediate. You can send using a list of URLs, a website or shared secured folder.

  • We send a fixed price quotation to ensure their compliance.

  • Upon your approval, we will process automated tools and manual tests and improvements and return the fully accessible compliant PDF.

  • Each document is provided with a compliance report



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