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WeCo document accessibility suite

Microsoft Office Applications Icons (Word, Excel & PowerPoint)

Create high-quality Accessible Microsoft® Office Documents  with WeCo Office Accessibility software

About WeCo

WeCo delivers dedicated, focused solutions of Document accessibility
in order to achieve EN 301 549, Section 508, WCAG 2.1, PDF/UA or
equality act standards.  
Our software and services supplies end-to-end document accessibility solutions
quickly and cost-effectively.

 Documents Accessibility Solutions

WeCo Office Accessibility

WeCo Office Accessibility


Accessibility software that creates accessible PDFs from MS Word according to document
accessibility standards.


Customers agree: They create accessible documents over 80% faster with WeCo Office Accessibility compared to alternatives.

WeCo Remidiation

WeCo PDF Remediation


Document accessibility remediation services in order to achieve compliance. The service includes automated processes and manual activities for the highest quality pdf remediation.

The fastest, convenient and affordable
pdf remediation service.


Ensure PDF Documents and forms are 100% compliant.

WeCo Site Scan

WeCo Documents Site Scan


Your best way to estimate the volume and the accessibility score of your site’s documents.


Scan your web site and supply information of your documents: Source, volume, accessibility check.


WeCo Validator

WeCo Document Validator


Tests and validates documents against the leading accessibility standards.


produce a detailed validation report per document for each accessibility character.

Customer References

Digital Marketing Director,
Financial Institute 

“The document accessibility process, using WeCo's products is significantly faster than any alternative we checked. The tagged are accurate and the final product is compliant.
We liked the concept that accessibility should be done by ourselves without external service providers. The implementation was immediate and we reduced significantly our costs.” 

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